Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Sunday

New York based photographer Jamie Beck and visual designer Kevin Burg worked together to create these amazing "cinemagraphs." They are seriously magical.

When I first saw them I'll admit I just browsed through thinking there were just ordinary pictures (well not so ordinary because the photos are fabulous without the special effects). Yet, I did a double take when I realized something was different about the images...they moved! But not like your ordinary gif file, only selected features in the photo move while the rest remains still. I have no idea how these brilliant photos were made,..

first attempt,not soo bad huh

..cause I'm just spending the whole sunday to catch up any similiar dramatic compare to those on the top
, and yeah...I'm alright thinking that its pure magic,pure talent there too.   

Happy Sunday by the way, I hope these photos gave you a jump start to an another week to go!
See more of their work HERE!
Wanna give your best-shot ? learn  HERE!



Miss Fireflies said...

waaaaahhhh dia gerak gerak....magic!!! suka suka!!!

♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

Lampu goyang2!

Kain gerak2!

Yellow cab lalu....

...dan ya, kawan kamu punya mulut pun bergerak time makan.

Ok, this is seriously something yang fun. :)

Macam video pre-wed pengacara majalah 3.

Arash Libra said...

tumpang lalu..erkkk!

ザ-sylver- S said...

Markonah oreo:jgn suke sangat , bulan puase ni kurng pahala

zara: #heh

arash_libra: erk?

Azlan Mohamed said...

gonna try it very soon!

ザ-sylver- S said...

AzlanMohamed: orale!! 期待するわ~

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