Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back On the Track

Flying-Back here.
I decided not to bring my camera along when i attended to every open-house,since i met my old-buddies and didn't wanted to interupt my precious moment with taking pictures.

Double-colored eye cat... Found it in back of my house.Really rare and hope could keep it as my pet.Please notice  this pic is NOT PHOTO-SHOPPED PICTURE.It real thing

This thing is the first thing i bought to my sis when I was in 1st year here.I thought she loved it and no wonder she sticked it in her first car with super-duper powerful glue...and really happy to see it weaving over and over again.It seem very famous in Malaysia nowadays with various-colorful type and design, well-said that even  men's car have this thing too.Somehow, i feel lucky when my sis said ,"hapela ko ni ...beli satu, belila banyak2, kawan akak sume tanye mane akak dapat mende ni tau..".


  Can count as a normal view in Temerloh.

Congratz to Shawn&CekSu,Acap&Su dan Bedah!!


masmuni said...

kucing yang comel. this type of cat, yg warna mata lain-lain, selalunye pekak because of its genetic make-up. i wonder if that cat is deaf too

the-sylver-shooter said...

oo yeke..patutla die diam jerk..sbb orng pekak besernye bisu skalila kan..

masmuni said...

huhu tak sure la if die bisu sekali ke tak, ntah2 die mmg jenis senyap macam my cat kot

hanani said...

wah!!hebatnye eigo,,,*clap,clap,clap*

niesacomel said...

kucing tuh remind me of my rebit(T.T) my rabbit mate seblah laen seblah laen gak. kale pom puteh. tp suke kencing merata. haha. my mom terpaksa bg org bcoz i was sick. sedey2.

the-sylver-shooter said...

nani: まだまだだよ

nisa: org tu msti hepi gile ,smpai terloncat2 sbb dapt rebit tu, kan..

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