Friday, October 30, 2009

§::Work of The Month

Starting from this month , the current of selected work will be chosen and posted frequently(hope so..).

Well, for this very first-time,here a main logo of this site, which  derived  in a few customs and variation appearances.

Matching with really"silver", i'd found, it very lame when it also looking like grey-metal..

So, it will be better, even look-like DC-comic's style

Perhaps adding some background would be nice,but for this I only can see the chrome text-effect suit with rainbow-ed-smoke background(very similiar to current TV3's scheme concept,hohohoho..)

Then ,i tried to put in a little bit wider, and so people can call it banner..

 ..and so i wonder if it looked something glamorous when the logo is getting smaller..

..maybe,adding some rectangle around would be cool enough , but not for this ciplak-style(from quick-silver)

p/s:actually i m still looking for the originality for my work ,and  you can assume that i'd done my homework..bcoz , i really love homework , yeyeah!
any comments , critics, or ideas are welcomed...4649ね


husna said...

/me vote for the last one..

the-sylver-shooter said...

thnx for voting nway..(^&^)

Husna said...

no sweats! ^^

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