Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 Covers That Sound Better Than The Original

This is...

Music is an Art, and to duplicate them is another.Means there is no 'copy-paste' term used in the world of art.So ,when someone claimed who copy other's art work as criminal,loser or anything, just ignore them, maybe they just jealous or illiterately blind in art. Lately, i feel i am addict to the cover ,so here I'm posting my first Hi5 corner, starting with the best cover that you should enjoy .

#1.YOON HA HWANG's " Baby"(Justin Bieber Feat. Ludacris)
I believe everybody know Sungha Jung. Yeah, the genius guitar player from Korea, and merely, he was a boy, (and still can call a boy by the time).However, there some more talent from Korea.Since all his covers are superb, so i pointed out the best one ,base on the comment and the number of viewers,Enjoy!

#2.BOYCE AVENUE 's"Shadow of the Day"(LinkinPark)
The first cover done by a group that I've heard, since i registered to YT a few years ago, and still stick to their show till now.I'm not sure when will or did they published their own song,but i am pretty sure they have a huge number of fan around the globe,not just a cover artist, but the new music of every single song they have covered.

#3.AïRTO's "Best I Ever Had"(Drake)
The completely remade version of the current hits,the new lyrics and the easy-remix , making the sense why i put this cover is better the original one.

#4.SAM TSUI's "Don't Stop Believing "(Glee)
Even though this version cannot beat his "Michael Jackson Medley",but still I put this on first place,since A cover remain as main.Never mind,only to point out that his duplicate acapella style are creating such a tremendous phenomena .

#5.Alex Goot's "Hey Soul Sister "(Train)
Expecting more from what a single man could do??
Here i got you this genius guy.Plays guitar+bass+piano+drum+ and sings and even compose by himself-the talent that i always dreaming for.

last but not least..

#6.UKULELE's"I'm Yours"(Jason Mraz)
Even thou this bloody little boy got a long way to go,perhaps he will make into the list for the next 5 years. Shame on me either, can't even play a single cord he played......

p/s:later i will story more about my English.


Nurul Hidayah Bt Jamal said...

abg jepun. thanks for sharing lagu pianist tu :)

ザ-sylver-shooter said...


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