Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New excitement with Pocket Camera

 Seem day become better and better,hence the the weather becoming more relaxing and importantly, the rainy gloomy has blown away, good to see sun again.

Actually here i got a good news to those who hate to bring alongside their weighty camera, though love to snap.  
   The 'Baby Camera' or pocket camera should the great solution and you can get this toy alike camera for 2000yen,or RM68, and bite me, there nothing on earth better for a camera except no more sound when photo had been shot .No more "ti ting, ka-shak" (my current hp) or "tenenet"(i-hon) .The thing just take a snap, hide and pretend nothing happen.

   Just don't expect much with 2.0 mega-pixel's quality, because the size will tell you what the uniqueness of this camera really is.

  --Some shot taken using this pocket camera

     Anyway,by holding this , doesn't mean I've completely thrown my current silver-sniper into garbage or recycle shop.It still remain the first.Nevertheless, I'm still looking forward for upgrading skill before could manage and suit it with up-coming D90 or latest ,don't bother to ask when,cause I even don't know either.But surely the day wont last longer anymore.

   Feel free to ask anything here, just leave your question, and hit 'コメントを投稿'(post comment) below.

p/s: dah jatuh centa dgn Amani(adaMaya)


Atishoo86 said...

sheri!! same as mine maa! haha
pengumpul toycam. haha

kay-N said...

err..tu mainan ke yang benar-benar belaka?haha..

belikan satu~~pstu pos! =pp

kamera skang berat ler..saket tgn nk bwk..

Uena said...

cumel! sheri yg tu digicam ke or disposable cam??
enlighten pls~

ザ-sylver-shooter said...

@aisya: eh, senpai kelab..4649 ne~

@kN:aiceh, kalo berat, suruh la cik abang yng bwakkan, die kan gagah..lalalala

@Uena: mcm digicam, ade lubang usb,transfer file mcm beser..
Cumer kekadang rase cm disopable csm pon ade, sbb tkleh vieww balik, tkleh delete satu2 n die compile sumer gamba lepas kapasiti (20keping) siap.....kot

HEMY said...

64 ringgit??damn cheap..find me a used D300 can??

DyMi said...

menarik ni...nak angkat satu la..tapi yg ko kata x leh delete satu2 tu macam mendou jer....

ザ-sylver-shooter said...

@HEMY: just give ur price, i'll find for you

@Dymi: hehehe..bleh je dah tangkap skeping upload skeping trus, tp rugila 20 roll..

kay-N said...

oooo..en silver..kne tgu tngkap 20 keping pstu bru upload ek?roll??xphm~~ hish..

en abg saye jauh nun di sane tekun petani kerja~~(haha..)..lalala~

ザ-sylver-shooter said...

@kN: ..memori high resolution die ngam2 utk 20 keping je, so, in case kalo tak cukup 20 kping pon tkpe, bleh gak upload..cume time delete die kene cume ade clear-all sahaja..alang2 nk tngkap, abes kan pruntukan 20 space tu,..
yng bestnye bleh amek video, dan space memori utk video kire lain plak..

kay-N said...

wah..menarik! [rajin dtg blog ni sbb nk tgk dh reply comment ke blum]..

2mega-pixel pun oke wut..dr gne fon camera tuk tgkp pic ngarut2 kn..bek gne camera cmni..[ley buh kt blog]..

malaysia ade ke? meh laa pos satu..hehe..

ザ-sylver-shooter said...

@kN: kalo series nak , kontek la blk kt fb..

hafiz said...

salam ziarah..
kamera ni btul2 ker mainan jer ni?gambar kat atas tu gune pocket kamera la ek?cntik gak gmbar dier..

ザ-sylver-shooter said...

kamera betul bro, mcm kamera henset gak, tp tkleh kol orng ngan sms jerk.."P

fYqA said...

menarik jek. btw, cam kat sne murah tak? or the price lebih kurang kat mesia??

ザ-sylver-shooter said...

@fyqa: around RM70

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