Sunday, October 10, 2010


   Holding a DSLR camera doesn't make you a cameraman at all. At least ,when someone staring at you and your camera, probably , they will look out what kind your sniper are, unless if it's not a  D1, D2, D2x, D2H, D3, D3x,(for Nikon) or,1D, 1Ds, 5D ( Canon), you're letting  these hobby as a hobby alone, and there is no way for them to called you  'a photographer'.

   Still long way to go , but received an invitation for photography session such a pleasure for D40 holder like me.For this time, here my work for 10th October 2010 , for more precise 10:10 a.m.


 Captured from overhead bridge around. The traffic was slow as usual.I bet riding with bicycle   faster and more convenient, since not less than 10 second driving you have to stop, and drive, another 10 second and stop.No wonder why Japan  is  the least accident ever recorded even most car in this world are produced  in this country  .By the way, there were 34 's more, continuously taken when my watch pointed to 10:09 am.

Among them , lucky I got this.


p/s: pecah kaca pecah cermin, sudah baca harap komen.


cKyN WaN said...

hahah lucky number 10!

Nanad. said...

memang lucky ! :)

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


Give me 10!


belang-belang said...

gambar last sangat nice..

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

aku suka nikon lagi gempak

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